Guide to Voting

1. Voter registration

Deadline to Register: October 19, 2020

If you have an Alabama driver’s license or nondriver identification card:
Online Link to Application:
If not:
Mail-In Application Form:

2. Check Your registration

Why check your registration? Your address is where election officials send notices, application forms to receive your ballot in the mail, and more. Additionally, poll workers will check if the address on your voter registration matches the address on your ID at the polls.
To make any changes to voter registration, use the online voter registration link or mail-in voter application above.

Check Registration Here


  • Is your name spelled correctly? (Correct hyphenations, middle initials, etc)
  • Correct Address
  • Active Voter Status (if not update by sending in another online/mail voter application)
  • Correct Date of Birth

3. Order your mail ballot

Deadline to Order Absentee mail Ballot: September 29, 2020

Application for Absentee Ballot:

Track Your Absentee Ballot:

Deadline to return absentee mail Ballot: Must be postmarked no later than Nov 2nd and received no later than noon Nov 3rd (election day)

Surrendering Your Absentee Ballot:

  • Alabama does not have the Surrender Rule. Even if you surrender your unvoted mail-in absentee ballot at the polling place on Election Day, they will still make you vote with a provisional ballot.
  • Alabama voters should be instructed to locate and fill out their mail-in ballots. If they cannot locate it, they should request a replacement ballot to ensure they are not forced to vote with a provisional ballot in-person at the polling location.


Provisional Ballot Instructions for Poll Workers:

  • When a person shows up on election Day: If the voter is marked off on the voter roll because they applied for an absentee ballot, take the voter to the provisional ballot officer, and tell the provisional ballot officer that the voter is marked off for having applied for an absentee ballot.

Instructions for the Provisional Ballot Officer

  • When a poll worker brings a person to you, do the following: Explain the provisional ballot process to the voter. The officer will then make sure the voter’s name is on the voter list, then if they are on the list, the voter will receive a provisional ballot.

4. Early voting information

5. Be a poll worker

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