Guide to Voting

1. Voter registration

Deadline to Register/update: Montana allows for same day “late registration”

Link to Application:

2. Check Your registration

Why check your registration? Your address is where election officials send notices, application forms to receive your ballot in the mail, and more. Additionally, poll workers will check if the address on your voter registration matches the address on your ID at the polls.

Check Registration Here:

Update Here:


3. Order your mail ballot

Deadline for advance mail ballot application: Must be received by november 2, 2020 12pm

We recommend requesting your advance mail ballot as soon as possible and well in advance of this deadline in order to ensure that you receive your ballot in time.

Request Mail-In Ballot Here:

A voter with an absentee ballot should be allowed to drop the ballot off on Election Day at any polling place in the country.

– Late registrants must drop their absentee ballots off at the election office.
An absentee ballot dropped off at a polling place other than the one in which the elector appears on the register must be:

– Delivered to the election office for signature verification and tabulation if tabulation of absentee ballots is done at a central location.

– Delivered to the election office for signature verification and then to the correct precinct if all counting is done at the precinct location.

Deadline to return absentee mail Ballot: 
Received on or before nov 3, 2020 8pm

Surrendering Your Absentee Ballot:

Montana does not have the Surrender Rule. If you bring your absentee ballot to surrender at the polling place on Election Day, they will still make you vote with a provisional ballot at the polls, no exceptions.

Montana voters should be instructed to locate and fill out their Absentee Ballots beforehand. If they cannot locate it, they should request a replacement ballot to ensure they are not forced to vote with a provisional ballot in-person at the polling location. Voters can drop off absentee ballots at polling locations until 8 pm on Election Day.


All voters issued absentee ballots will be marked absentee.
Voters marked Absentee must vote a PROVISIONAL BALLOT if they show up to vote at the polls and do not have their original ballot.

    4. Early voting information

    Early voting is available with an absentee ballot 30 days prior to Election Day until noon the day prior to Election Day. 

    • Voters can cast their ballot at the office of an election administrator.
    • To vote early, submit an application for an absentee ballot to your local election office. You can do this by signing up to have a ballot mailed to you or by going in-person to your elections office 30 days prior to an election. 
    • For federal elections, ballots are mailed 25 days prior to Election Day. The deadline to request an early ballot is always 12:00 noon the day before the election. Voted ballots must be received (not postmarked) by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day. 
      • For more information regarding federal, state and local elections contact your local election office. You can find a contact list here:

       5. Be a poll worker

      • Become a poll worker! Election offices are expecting shortages in poll workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
      • Poll workers must be 18 years old or over, and a registered voter in their county

      Sign Up Here:


      6. Additional Questions?


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